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Tropical forests' resilience to global warming

  • April, 2013

Tropical forests are less likely to lose biomass – plants and plant material - in response to greenhouse gas emissions over the twenty-first century than may previously have been thought, suggests a study published in Nature Geoscience. In the most comprehensive simulation study yet of the risk of tropical forest dieback due to climate change, the results have important implications for the future evolution of tropical rainforests including the role they play in the global climate system and carbon cycle. The research team included RAINFOR and AMAZONICA climate scientists and tropical ecologists from the UK, USA, Australia and Brazil and was led by Dr Chris Huntingford from the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology in the UK. Dr. David Galbraith, Dr. Simon Lewis, Professor Emanuel Gloor and Professor Oliver Phillips from the School of Geography (University of Leeds) are co-authors on this paper, published in a high impact journal.

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