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RAINFOR Workshop in Brazil

  • June, 2011

Ted Feldpausch (Univ Leeds, UK), Carlos Quesada (INPA, Brasil), Marcos Silveira (UFAC, Brasil), Chris Doughty (Oxford, UK), Flavia Costa (PPBio, INPA, Brasil) and Cleber Salimon (UFAC) led a RAINFOR-Moore sponsored workshop in Rio Branco, Acre, Brasil. The workshop, “Environmental science in Amazonia: RAINFOR as a catalyst to integrate projects under a regional network, analyse data and develop manuscripts” was hosted at the Escola da Floresta, and taught methods in data analysis and manuscript development. The 1-week workshop brought together 26 RAINFOR students, field technicians and collaborators from Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru and Bolivia and six instructors from Brazil and the UK and provided an opportunity to learn new techniques, meet RAINFOR collaborates from other regions, and share ideas and results. Each student presented his/her results during the workshop and developed an outline and preliminary analysis for a manuscript. Foster Brown provided a mid-week guest lecture. Many thanks go to Marcos Silveira and students from his laboratory who provided excellent support in organising the workshop and hosted a warm welcome dinner to the students and professors at a local ranch.

RAINFOR 2011 workshop group (Acre, Brasil) 2011 RAINFOR-Moore sponsored workshop (Rio Branco, Acre, Brasil)