Red Amazónica de Inventarios Forestales

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  • Enero - Febrero 2002
  • Jatun Sacha & Yasuni National Park

Remeasurement work and soil and foliar sampling were completed in eight, one hectare plots during two months of fieldwork in Ecuador. Seven different nationalities were represented within fieldwork team: Jens Schmerler (Germany), Beto Quesada (Brazil), Sandra Patiño and Lina Mercado (Colombia), Antonio Peña Cruz (Peru), Tim Baker and Yadvinder Malhi (UK), Kevin Sosa, Gabriel Greta and Giovanni Cortez (Ecuador) and Gareth Lloyd (Australia). David Neill (Fundacion Jatun Sacha and Missouri Botanic Garden), coordinated many of the arrangements within Ecuador, and Nigel Pitman (Duke University), Tony Di Fiore (New York University) and Terry Erwin (Smithsonian Institute) all contributed plot data.

The Ecuadorean forests displayed interesting structural differences from others in the RAINFOR network, with high numbers of stems and few large diameter trees. Ecuador itself proved spectacularly beautiful, with particularly memorable road journeys between the Amazon basin and the Andes.