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  • Julio - Agosto 2011

After only one year, the RAINFOR team formed by Abel Monteagudo, Victor Chama, Antonio Peña (Peruvians), Julia Salvador, Roberto Raza, Noemí Muquis and Juan Pablo Santos (Ecuadorians) remeasured eight permanent plots in rainy tropical forests in Ecuador. In addition to remeasuring the 4 plots in the protected area of Jatun Sacha, these were also completely retagged. After completing this first phase the team moved to the city of Coca for a short break. From Coca the team went via foot and also crossed the Napo River to reach the Yasuni Research Station, to remeasure and retag the two 1 km long and 10 meters wide plots, with the collaboration of Bolivar Enemenga, native of the surrounding native communities. Then for two days we remeasured the permanent plot which was seasonally flooded (lowland). After this phase, the team moved to via boat to the Biodiversity Station of Tiputini to remeasure and retag the two plots there: one near the station which due to the increase of water levels in the Tiputini river caused by heavy rains was completely flooded, despite this situation the team was able to complete the remeasurement; the other plot located almost 40 minutes by foot, was remeasured without any problems. The eight Ecuadorian plots were successfully remeasured and retagged, and the few recruits collected from 2010 to 2011 were registered and recorded. It is worth mentioning that in this campaign two Ecuadorian colleagues were involved in the campaign from start to finish. (Images, Abel Monteagudo)

Abel registrando datos en Jatun Sacha Ecuador Roberto Raza de Ecuador midiendo arboles grandes