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French Guiana: Nouragues

  • 2012 - 2012
French Guiana: Nouragues

Following the previous census in 2008, Ted Feldpausch and Sophie Fauset (Univ Leeds), together with Abel Monteagudo, Maxime Réjou-Méchain, Blaise Tymen, Chris Baraloto, Victor Moscoso, Tatiana Gaui, Hélène Richard, and RAINFOR colleagues from the CNRS, ONF, EcoFoG, INPA, and Toulouse Univ, led a one-month research expedition to French Guiana to recensus the Nouragues permanent forest following the 2010 drought under support from the Moore Foundation and the NERC-AMAZONICA project. The multinational team consisted of researchers from five countries. The team remeasured 22 hectares and improved tree identifications for a large number of the plots.


Team 2 (photo: Ted Feldpausch 2012)  Bosques primarios en las cercanías de las parcelas Grand Plateu y Petit Plateu de Guyana Francesa (photo: Abel Monteagudo)