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  • July - October 2013
  • Brasil
Photo: Wendesen Castro

With support from the Moore Foundation, a six week (June-July) expedition to re-census and collect botanical samples at nine RAINFOR plots in Acre was made. Plots were in the Serra do Divisor National Park (PNSD), Resex Alto Jurua (RAJ) Resex Chico Mendes (RECM) and study areas of the Federal University of Acre (UFAC). Some of these plots were established over 20 years ago by Dr. Marcos Silveira (UFAC) and colleagues.

This campaign was led by Wendeson Castro (Master in Ecology and Natural Resource Management, UFAC) and included the participation of Adriano Silva (Parabotânico developer Laboratory of Botany and Plant Ecology, UFAC), Vilene Vasconcelos (Undergraduate Forestry, UFAC) Daniel Silva (Undergraduate Biology, UFAC), Ricardo Moraes (Undergraduate Biology, UFAC), Luiara Paiva (Undergraduate Biology, Uninorte). In addition, during the month of September Abel Monteagudo Mendoza made identification of botanical specimens from collections made in the 2009, 2011 and 2013 census. And finally, with NERC support under the project "Niche Evolution of South American Trees and Its Consequences", Isau Huamantupa made photo documentation of all herbarium specimens and identified some of the material (Figure 1G).

We thank the local communities RAJ (Olevir, Darcleide and family), PNSD (Sebastian and family, José Mendes, José Borges and family), RECM (Chico Melo, Cleonice and family rubber plantation Porongaba; Tiao, Lene and family rubber plantation Brothers ) for the welcome, the UFAC the transport part of the campaign, the Agreement between UFAC-NYBG and everyone who contributed directly and indirectly in this campaign.

Text: Wendeson Castro

Abel con las muestras botanicas, Acre 2013 (photo: Wendesen Castro) Isau con las muestras botánicas, Acre (photo: Wendesen Castro)