Red Amazónica de Inventarios Forestales

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  • 2013

A group of researchers from Wageningen and Oxford Universities have teamed up to use laser detection and ranging (LiDAR) technology to produce extremely detailed 3-D maps of 5 RAINFOR/GEM plots across an altitudinal gradient in the Andes region of Peru in October and November.  LiDAR technology works by sending out laser pulses and, after the laser reflects off of leaves, wood or other material, measuring the time delay of the reflected pulses millions of times.  This is one of the first times a terrestrial LiDAR system has been deployed in tropical forests, and is certainly the most extensive application ever in such an environment.  The data from this campaign will be applied to various topics in forest structure research.

Reflectors (photo: Harm Bartholomeus 2013)  Tampobata 05 plot (photo: Harm Bartholomeus 2013)