Red Amazónica de Inventarios Forestales

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Madre de Dios

  • Septiembre - Octubre 2014
  • Peru
medir un árbol en Cusco Amazónico (photo: Joey Talbot 2014)

In September-October 2014, we conducted a RAINFOR field campaign in Madre de Dios, SE Peru, with a team including Abel Monteagudo Mendoza (Jardin Botanico de Missouri, Peru - RAINFOR), Gabriela Lopez Gonzalez and Joey Talbot (University of Leeds), and Miguel Pedraza Arando, Danitza Bellota Ttito, Dayana Suni Mendoza and Yuri Huillca Aedo (Universidad Nacional de San Antonio Abad del Cusco). We recensused forest plots representing 8-ha in Tambopata and 4-ha in Cusco Amazonico, including a range of forest types from terraces which appear varyingly impacted by the recent Amazon droughts, to the borders of the Rio La Torre, to a rather wasp-filled swamp forest plot. Concurrently, research on tree infestation by lianas was also carried out in Tambopata, with a group led by Geertje van der Heijden (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee).

Joey Talbot

Wawi, el guacamayo domesticado (y algo vicioso) en Explorer Inn, Tambopata (photo: Joey Talbot 2014) vista desde la torre de flujo dosel en Tambopata (photo: Joey Talbot 2014)