Rede Amazônica de Inventários Florestais

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  • Janeiro - Abril 2001
  • Iquitos

As the first phase of fieldwork within RAINFOR, five previously established one hectare plots were recensused and five new plots established in three forest reserves near Iquitos, NE Peru. A team of Peruvian botantists, led by Rodolfo Vasquez (Jardin Botanico de Missouri) and including José Campos, Abel Monteguado, Antonio Peña Cruz and Roosevelt Garcia, joined with researchers from the Universities of Leeds; (Oliver Phillips and Tim Baker) and Edinburgh, U.K. (Yadvinder Malhi), and the Max Planck Institut für Biogeochemie, Jena, Germany (Claudia Czimczik, Lina Mercado, Jens Schmerler), to undertake the inventory work and collect soil and foliar samples for nutrient analysis.

Initially work focussed on the remeasurement of five, one hectare plots that had originally been established by teams led by Al Gentry and Rodolfo Vasquez, between 1981 and 1992. The first of the sites, Allpahuayo Forest Reserve, contains areas of forest that have developed over deep, white sand soils (varillal). The topographic range found in the two established plots includes both the clay rich, valley soils and the well drained sandy soils, with distinctive variation in structure and species composition. Plots at Yanamano (1) and Sucusari (2) have more uniform, clay rich soils but extremely high diversity, approaching 300 species >10 cm dbh per hectare. New plots were established to increase the range of edaphic conditions represented within the Iquitos cluster of PSPs. One hectare plots were established on well- and poorly-drained upland soils and in seasonally flooded varzea forest at Sucusari, on upland soils at Yanamano, and on white sand soils at Allpahuayo. 

Many improvements were made to the previous inventory protocols used at these sites and these are now being incorporated into a field manual. In addition, measurements were made of tree height, and plot topography, and for the new plots, extensive botanical collections were made. Protocols for soil and foliar nutrient sampling and leaf area index measurement were also developed.

cut Oenocarpus bataua, Allpahuayo 2001 (photo: Rodolfo Vasquez) Sucusari, Iquitos 2001 (photo: Tim Baker)