Rede Amazônica de Inventários Florestais

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  • Janeiro - Fevereiro 2004

Thanks to the support of Tropenbos and Parques Nacionales de Colombia, RAINFOR was able to visit the Colombian Amazon. During January and February a group from different Colombian institutions; including Agustin Rudas from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Adriana Prieto from the Instituto Humboldt, Esteban Alvarez from Universidad de Antioquia & ISA, Alvaro Cogollo and Eliana Jimenez from the Jardin Botanico de Medellin, Heriberto David from the Herbario de la Universidad de Antioquia, Oscar Juan Cardona from Universidad de Santa Rosa and Russman (Rosi), our tree climber from the Huitoto community that live around km 11 in Leticia, joined Sandra Patiño and Beto Quesada on a expedition to Parque Nacional Natural Amacayacu. The park is located in the southern extreme of Colombia containing different forest formations including terra firme, seasonally flooded and swampy areas.

Despite some difficulties that were solved by our "genie in the lamp", Alejandro Jaramillo from Fundacion GAIA in Leticia, four plots established by Agustin and Adriana ten years ago were remeasured and leaf and soil samples were taken. In order to visit the sites the group had to be divided into two teams. One team flew north of Leticia to Ipiranga on the Brazilian border and then travelled by boat along the Cotuhé river and La Lorena stream. The other team headed west along the Amazonas river, entered the Amacayacu River and finally continued some two km up the Agua Pudre stream and set a camp in the forest. After two weeks the two teams joined in Agua Pudre to continue the work.