Rede Amazônica de Inventários Florestais

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Venezuela: Upper Rio Negro

  • 2011 - 2012
  • Amazonas
Venezuela: Upper Rio Negro

After completing the work in the four Puerto Ayacucho plots, Gerardo Aymard and Frnklin Molina travelled to San Carlos de Río Negro in a small plane, over the isolated forests of the Venezuelan Amazon. Here they met with Pedro Maquirino and his team to remeasure two permanent plots in the IVIC research zone. These plots, established 40 years ago are among the oldest in the RAINFOR network, and interesting for their floristic composition and slow growth. The region of the upper Rio Negro contains a great complexity of vegetation types, among which the Amazon caatinga stands out, representing stunted forests situated on sandy spodosols of very poor drainage above rocks, withMicrandra spruceiEperua leucanthaCompsoneura sprucei yMicropholis maguirei all co-dominant. Other unique forests in this area are dominated by Eperua purpurea ("Yevaro"), found on raised areas with ultisols and spodosols.  These communities have emergent trees, a high density of stems, and are typically well-stratified. Among the most abundant species are found Aldina kunhardtiana, Eschweilera coriacea, Swartzia cupavenensis y Caryocar glabrum. The lead image shows Gustavia acuminata, an endemic species from Upper Rio Negro region.