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Reserva Comunal El Sira

  • Abril - Maio 2014
  • Peru
Equipo de campo RC Sira (photo: Abel Monteagudo 2014)

Campaign to re-measure and install permenant plots at Reserva Comunal El Sira, April-May 2014

For 40 days from April 20 until May 30, 2014 the research team from RAINFOR and Missouri Botanical Garden led by Abel Monteagudo Mendoza and Luis Valenzuela Gamarra, accompanied by Víctor Chama M., Danitza Bellota T., Jaime Flores Sh., Gerry Shareva M. and 05 local assistants, proceeded with the re-measurement of 5 permanent plots of 1.0 ha. These were installed in 2010 and 2011, as altitudinal Transect of Yuyapichis within the Communal Reserve El Sira, in Huanuco region in the Central Forest of Peru. The altitudinal gradient ranged from 300 m to 2300 m. The team also proceeded to install other permanent plot of 1.0-ha in the Private Conservation Area of Panguana where 557 individuals were tagged, measured and collected (including trees, palms and lianas greater than and equal to 10 cm). This new plot is added to the network of plots within the altitudinal gradient of this protected area, selected as one of the highly irreplaceable world's protected areas for the conservation of "multitaxa" (amphibians, birds and mammals), (Le Saout , et al. 2013) in Science Vol. 342.

Besides re-measurement of the plots, we have been able  to perform intensive collections of flora in these mountain forests, pre-montane and sclerophyllous, which are still unexplored and constitute a natural laboratory to discover many new species of herbs, shrubs and trees.

For access to these plots through the altitudinal gradient, we spent over 4 days travelling by truck, boat and then a 10 hour hike up to reach the camp "hospital" at 788 m; from which you access the plot RCS-01 at 844 m. This work then led to another walk about 8 hours to the "dangerous" camp at 1568 m; from which you access the plots RCS-02 at 1355 m and RCS-03 at 1525 m. RCS-04 was located at the summit of the mountain range at 2232 m. After finishing this hard work we then proceeded to trek for 2 days to continue the remeasurement of the plot RCS-05 at 255 m in the Private Conservation Area Panguana, and the installation of the plot RCS-06 at a similar altitude . Access to these plots can be compared to the plots in the plain of the Huanchaca in the Noel Kempff Mercado National Park in Bolivia.

Text: Abel Monteagudo

Reserva Comunal el Sira (Abel Monteagudo 2014) Reserva COmunal el Sira (Abel Monteagudo 2014)