In the news: 30 years of Amazon forest change

Our analysis of 30 years of Amazon forest carbon dynamics, which was published last month in Nature, received widespread attention.  A big thank you to many RAINFOR colleagues for making this study possible. We discovered that the capacity of Amazonian forests to sequester carbon has weakened, with potentially important implications for climate change. Using on-the-ground measurements from 321 long-term monitoring plots, we found a long-term decline in the rates of net increase in above-ground biomass. This is a consequence of the earlier growth rate increases levelling off over the past decade, and at the same time biomass mortality persistently increasing.

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RAINFOR-Brasil postdoc position available with Profa. Beatriz Marimon and Prof. Oliver Phillips, funded by CNPq and based in Mato Grosso at UNEMAT Nova Xavantina.