How Can we Make Forest Data Fair? Put People – Not Data – First

Our article, with 25 tropical forest science leaders from Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America addresses a huge challenge at the heart of global change science and policy. Writing in Nature Ecology and Evolution we report on the neglected equity issues ignored for too long.(1) Richest countries have the least tropical forest, but most scientists and economic power, while (2) Measuring and Monitoring is skilled, tough work, and (3) relies on poorly-funded, precarious employment. Requests to “make data open” mean that yet more power flows from the originators to public agencies, private companies and data scientists. Our article articulates a new vision for more equitable monitoring of Earth’s precious forests, with eight key recommendations to ensure we focus on the needs of data originators and that users contribute properly.

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de Lima, R.A.F., Phillips, O.L., Duque, A. et al. Making forest data fair and open. Nat Ecol Evol (2022).