In the field

RAINFOR ethical, data and publication policy

The Rainfor ethical code, data sharing and publication policy as is available from the website

Before the fieldwork

Fieldsheet template for new plots (print ready)- Metadata /Trees /Lianasrevised 2016

Guidelines for preparing fieldsheets for recensus using Metadata/Trees/lianas- in preparation 2017

Fieldwork manuals

Plot establishment and remeasurement – revised 2021

Field codes – Trees – revised 2021

Field codes – Trees – French – revised 2021

Field codes – Trees – Malay

Field codes – Savannarevised 2021

Field codes – Savanna – French 

Field codes – Lianas – revised 2014

Field codes – Lianas – French

Liana and Canopy Index – revised 2018

MonANPeru Manual de Induccion – 2017

Coarse woody debris protocol- version 2011


Tree height

Mode of death


Wood density

Intensive soil sampling protocol

RAINFOR Protocol for soil sampling – ES version only

Soil and Foliar sampling

Monitoring carbon processes in permanent plots

Carbon monitoring manual (available only in Spanish)

Measuring tropical forest carbon allocation and cycling: RAINFOR-GEM Field Manual for Intensive Census Plots:- updated version May 2012

Respiration equations exercises

Rhizotron equations exercises

Supporting sustainable use of forest resources: Integrated assessment of forest biodiversity and community use

“A Methodology to Evaluate Biodiversity and Forest Resources”

Social Media Policies

RAINFOR and ForestPlots Facebook and Twitter Policies